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Western Heritage Beveren Breeders Specialty Club By- Laws

Article 1- Order of Business

Section 1.

  1. Roll Call
  2. Reading of the minutes
  3. Reports of the Secretary/Treasurer
  4. Reports of Executive Committee
  5. Reports of other committees
  6. Reading of communications
  7. Unfinished Business
  8. NewBusiness
  9. Discussions, good of theclub
  10. Adjournment

Article II- Meeting

Section 1. The annual meeting shall occur at WHBBSC West Coast Annual Awards show. The time and place are to be designated by The Executive Committee. The membership shall be notified at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.

Section 2. At all meetings of the specialty club five percent (5%) of the entire membership shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3. At all meetings of the Specialty club, the president shall preside and the secretary of the association shall act as secretary. In the absence of the president, the vice president shall preside. In the event of the absence of all officers the members present shall by majority vote elect a presiding officer. In the absence of the secretary, the presiding officer shall appoint a secretary for the meeting.

Section 4. All decisions at the annual meeting shall be final, unless altered by a majority vote of the membership, or mailed ballot. Should the need arise, the president may call a meeting of the WHBBSC executive Committee at any time by means of mail correspondence, telephone conference or electronic communication (i.e. email, fax, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn).

Section 5. Roberts Rules of Order, the latest edition, shall govern all parliamentary procedures.

Article III- Election

Section 1. Any member in good standing 16 years of age or older, as recorded in the office of secretary, shall be entitled to vote, to witness the opening and counting of ballots, members must be 18 years or older to run for office.

Section 2.  Any member of this club in good standing age 18 years or older may be a candidate for office providing they have been a member for at least one continuous year. (exclusion to the rule first and second election from initiation of the WHBBSC). The member shall fill out the nominating petition and return it to the secretary by January 1st. The nominating petition shall be signed by 3 members of the WHBBSC in good standing, must bear the candidates signature, and office in which they wish to be a candidate. When the nominating petition, properly prepared, is received by the secretary, the members name shall be placed on the election ballot.

Section 3. The secretary shall email the election ballot according to the addresses furnished on membership rolls on or before March 1st to each member of the club in good standing on March 1st. The polls for the election of officers shall close March 31st all ballots must be postmarked on or before that date to be counted.

Section 4. In each election, each ballot shall bear the names of the members of the Election Committee, the date the polls close, and the time and place for the counting of votes. The ballot will be electronically sent and each eligible member shall return ballot to the Election chair in an envelope bearing the name of voting member as it appears on the membership list as the return address label. The Secretary shall furnish the Election chair with a list of all eligible voters and their addresses. The election committee shall verify all ballots to this list before opening the envelope. The envelopes shall be held and given to the secretary after the vote is taken. The Election committee shall remove the ballot from the envelope. There shall be no identifying marks made on the ballot itself by the election committee.

Section 5. A plurality of votes cast for any office shall constitute election to that office. In the case of a tie, a majority vote of the election committee shall dissolve the tie.

Section 6. The secretary shall notify the newly elected officers immediately and report to the membership by direct email or publication in the newsletter.

Section 7. In the event that any office does not have a nominee, the president shall be notified and shall appoint two directors to make a committee (president & 2 directors) to obtain the number of nominees needed to complete the ballot. Each nominee’s approval must be obtained and submitted to the secretary for the name to appear on the ballot.

Article IV- Dues and Renewals

Section 1.

  • Fees as follows:

One Year New | One Year Renewal  | Three Year New | Three year Renewal

Adult $15.00 $10.00 $32.00 $27.00
Couple $17.00 $12.00 $38.00 $33.00
Family $20.00 $15.00 $47.00 $42.00
Youth $13.00 $8.00 $26.00

b). Couple is any two adults residing at the sameaddress.

  • Family, one or two adults and all children that have not reached their 18th birthday d). Youth have not reached their 18th birthday
  • All membership fees to accompany membership application
  • Any member wishing to have the newsletter mailed to themshall pay the postage fee g). Life membership may be purchased for 25 times the adult membership fee

h).  A youth may show as a youth after their 18th birthday for the remainder of that calendar year.

Section 2. Upon expiration of dues, providing renewal has not been received, the secretary treasurer shall at once notify the member, those not paying within 60 days shall be dropped from the roles. All membership privileges shall remain during this grace period. Renewals received within the 60 days of expiration shall be back dated to the original expiration of that membership. Any member having been delinquent sixty (60) days or more shall be dropped from the roles and deprived of all sweepstakes points.

Article V- Amendments

Section 1. These By-Laws may be amended by sending proposed amendments or repeals in writing to the secretary/treasurer no later than February 1st for consideration during that year. The secretary shall forward the amendment to the Resolutions committee. The secretary/treasurer shall attach the proposals to the election ballot. A two thirds affirmative vote of the ballots cast shall be required for passage of any proposed change.

Article VICommittees 

  1. AuditingCommittee

Section 1. An auditing committee consisting of three members of this association shall by the president, to audit and certify to the entire membership all accounts and records of this club, held by the secretary/treasurer. This audit shall be conducted at least once a year and at the conclusion of the secretary/treasurer’s term of office.

  1. Constitution and Bylaws ResolutionsCommittee

Section 1. The president with the approval of the executive committee shall appoint a Constitution and Bylaws resolution committee of three members, one shall be an appointed chairman.

Section 2.This committee shall receive from the secretary all resolutions and or amendments to the constitution and bylaws.

Section 3. After receiving all of the resolutions for that year’s ballot, the committee shall combine all those dealing with the same subject or intent, so that not more than one resolution/ amendment shall be on the ballot for any given subject. The committee shall not delete or obscure any members resolution /amendment.

Section 4. A statement of reason by the author of the resolution/amendment may accompany that proposal on the ballot. The committee shall not publish their opinion on any members submitted resolution/amendment.

Section 5. The committee shall after conclusion of the balloting, and receiving the vote report, provide a copy of the new constitution and bylaws, properly placing those new resolutions/amendments that the membership approved. This shall be published in the newsletter, and a copy shall be forwarded to the ARBA office.

  1. ElectionCommittee

Section 1. On or before January 31st of each year, the president, with the approval of the board of directors, shall appoint an election committee of three members, with one of them being the appointed chairperson.

Section 2. The secretary shall furnish the election committee a complete list of members in good standing on March 1st, including those within the 60-day grace period. The committee, at the time and place specified on the ballot, and in the presence of any and all members who may wish to act as witnesses, shall first list the names of all the voters appearing on the outside of the envelopes. Any ballot from anyone whose name does not appear on the membership list shall be returned to the sender unopened. The outside envelopes shall be gathered and contained before the ballots are counted. The results of the counted ballots shall be reported to the secretary upon completion along with the number of ballots. The envelopes shall be retained until one month after the results are published.

  1. ShowCommittee

Section 1. A show committee consisting of three or more members of this club shall be appointed by the president and approved by the BOD.

Section 2. The committee shall work to secure bids from the west coast clubs for the annual WHBBSC show. They will work with these organizations to help complete the applications and show catalogs, and to help publish the information to the membership. When applicable the show shall be evenly divided by location (WA, OR, CA, NV, UT, ID) and subsequent years between West coast breeders.

Section 3. The committee will purchase awards with the approval of the BOD for the annual show. They shall assure cooping is available as necessary, find a show secretary to keep track of paperwork, table write, make sure all rabbits arrive at table in a timely manner.

Article VII- Exhibition Varieties

Section 1. The ‘exhibition’ varieties are brown and lilac. These varieties will accrue sweepstake points equal to the ARBA accepted varieties of Black, blue and white.

  1. Brown: Color is to be a rich middle, slightly reddish, brown that gives a warm glow, extending as far down to the skin as possible. Even shade throughout being the dominant feature. The correct undercolor to be a brownish blue grey, dove

Eye color brown, ruby cast permissible Faults: Color that is bluish or pink, sunburn

  1. Lilac: The color is to be a uniform, medium dove grey, with delicate pink tint on the surface. Color must be carried well down the hair shaft to the skin. Color is to be uniform over the entire body. Eyes-Blue-gray

–     Dove color is an extremely pale shade of bluishgrey.

Faults: Showing a decided blue cast; having an extremely light gray coat; patches of rust.

Disqualification from competition: White spots; white silver tipping Section 2.In furthering the correct color of ‘light lavender blue’ for the Beveren breed

  1. Blue: a very pale bluecoat

A light lustrous lavender blue throughout A pure, light blue

A clear intense shade of light lavender blue

A bright but pale, clear blue-grey with the subtle suggestion of a purplish glow.

Article VIII- Sweepstakes Points and Best Display

Section 1. Sweepstakes is a program for the purpose of recognizing those members who promote this breed by showing and placing animals in sanctioned competition

Section 2.There will be unlimited sanctions issued as long as the sponsoring club complies with the following: A sanction fee of seven dollars payable with the application and accompanied with the ARBA sanction number.

The sponsoring club must submit to the secretary or the Sweeps Point Keeper of the WHBBSC a complete written report, listing all beveren that placed, plus the names and addresses of all the exhibitors.

Section 3. Exhibitors must be current WHBBSC members in good standing to receive sweepstakes and best display points.

Youth exhibitors showing in youth shall receive youth sweepstakes points

Youth showing in open shows may have their open points transferred to youth sweepstakes, if a youth show was not sanctioned with the open show. Youth cannot participate in both Open and Youth Sweepstakes.

Section 4. The secretary of WHBBSC shall tabulate sweepstakes points and keep records for all members, unless the president has appointed and the BOD has approved a Sweeps Point Keeper, who would tabulate the sweepstakes points and provide the Secretary with the record.

Section 5.Sweepstakes points shall be awarded on the following structure. Six times the number in class for first place. Four times the number in class for second place. Three times the number in class for third place. Two times the number in class for fourth place. One times the numbers in class for fifth place.

Best of breed shall receive bonus points of one times the total number of beveren shown, to include exhibition varieties. Best Opposite Sex shall receive bonus points of half the total number of beveren shown to include exhibition varieties.

Best in Show will receive 100 bonus points.

Section 6. The secretary or Sweeps Point Keeper shall tabulate and keep separate records for meat pens and breed fur classes using the point structure in Section 5.

Section 7. The secretary or Sweeps Point Keeper hall tabulate and keep separate records for all youth.

Section 8.All sweepstakes points shall be doubled for the annual WHBBSC show.

Section 9. The best display award given at individual sanctioned shows shall be awarded to the exhibitor with the greatest number of sweepstakes points, including exhibition varieties and excluding BOB and BOS.

The secretary of the individual show shall be responsible for tabulating these points and awarding any prizes for best display before the conclusion of the show.

Section 10 .Sweepstakes shall run from January 1st through December 31st.

Section 11. The sweepstakes standings shall be published in each issue of the club newsletter by the secretary.

Section 12. Sweepstakes awards shall begiven to the top place in each variety including exhibition varieties best overall display, and best fur.

Article IX- Annual WHBBSC Show

Section 1. The Annual WHBBSC show must be sanctioned with ARBA and the national breed Club by the sponsoring club.

Section 2. Only one Annual WHBBSC show will be held per show year.

Section 3. All bids for the Annual show shall be submitted to the secretary by March 1st for the following year. The secretary shall submit all bids to the Executive Committee which shall make all decisions in granting the Annual show. The decision shall be announced no later than April 1st. Default bid shall be WCC (West Coast Classic) should no other bids be presented.

Section 4. It is the responsibility of the executive committee to endeavor to select bids from sponsoring clubs from alternate areas along the west coast.

Section 5.  All bids shall include the following information:

  1. Name of sponsoring club
  2. All names of sponsoring club officers
  3. Tentative date for the show
  4. Location of show
  5. Cooping availability
  6. Lodging, banquet and transportation facilities
  7. Listing of Judges for specialty show and all other shows, both for youth and open if different
  8. Entry fees for Specialty show and all othershows
  9. Bids shall be furnished in writing, fax,email

Section 6. The WHBBSC accepts no responsibility in the payment of any specials guaranteed by the sponsoring club nor will it be obligated for any debts incurred by the sponsoring club.

Section 7. No other WHBBSC sanctioned show may be held during the weekend of the Annual show except those held in conjunction with the Annual show weekend.

Article X-Newsletter

Section1. The WHBBSC newsletter shall be published 6 times per year.

Section 2. The newsletter shall be published by the secretary or an appointed and approved editor, the secretary shall serve as the editor if they are the publisher.

Section 3. All decisions on what may be published shall be determined by the editor except as set forth in the Constitution and bylaws.

  1. Sweepstake standings
  2. Membership expirations
  3. Balloting information and electionresults
  4. Information for the national show

Section 4. The deadline for submissions for publication shall be determined by the editor.

Section 5. The WHBBSC shall not be liable for anything published in the newsletter.

Section 6. Publication shall be by email and sent to the last address on record at the secretary’s office. It may also be published to the website. Any member wishing to have a paper copy sent via USPS shall pay for the cost of said mailing.

Section 7.  Memberships that have expired (including the 60-day grace period) shall no longer receive the newsletter.

Article XI- Website

Section 1.  A webmaster shall be appointed by the president and approved by the executive committee.

Section 2. No information may be placed on the website that is not available to all of the membership at the same time. All information published to the website must be approved by the BOD.

Section 3. The newsletter may be posted to the website

Section 4. No personal communications may be placed on the website.

Section 5. A breeder’s listing shall be placed on the public view portion of the website. Members may purchase space on that listing for the purpose of selling their Beveren stock for $5 per calendar year.