beveren rabbits on show table

WHBBSC Constitution


Western Heritage Beveren Breeders Specialty Club


Article I

This club shall hereafter be referred to as the “WHBBSC”.

Article II- Objects

Section 1. To preserve and promote the breeding of the heritage Beveren rabbit in all 5 European recognized colors.

Section 2. To encourage the development of the Lilac and Brown varieties.

Section 3. To advance and protect the interest of the public as well as those of the breeders by dissemination of authentic and reliable information concerning the breeds value for food, fur and show.

Section 4.To co-operate with other organizations in the promotion of beveren breeding in general.

Section 5. To encourage exhibition of the Beveren rabbit by putting all varieties before the public for their admiration and approval.

Section 6. The WHBBSC club shall cover the western states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Article III- Officers

Section 1. The officers of WHBBSC shall consist of a president, vice president, Secretary/treasurer, and 3 directors. These 6 shall constitute the Executive Committee. Officers shall be 18 years of age or older, active in the WHBBSC, and maintain membership for at least one year.

Section 2. The following officers shall be elected from and by the membership by electronic and mail ballot. The president and two directors biennially for a two-year term (even years). The vice president, and one director biennially for a two-year term (odd years). The secretary/treasurer shall serve a 4-year term and be elected every other year with the VP and one director. The initial set of officers shall serve for a three-year term(2018-2021).

Section 3.Officers shall enter upon the discharge of their duties May 1st following the election.

Section 4. Vacancies in office during the term shall be filled by the president, approved by the executive committee and shall take office immediately upon approval.

Section 5. All officers, except the Secretary/Treasurer, shall not hold the same office for more than three (3) consecutive terms each.

Section 6. Any officer who fails to perform his duties after due notification and consideration by the BOD, with a majority vote rule, shall be removed from office.

Duties of the officers

President. The president shall preside at all meetings of the WHBBSC, act as chairman of The executive committee, may appoint committees, appoint an election Commissioner to count the ballots, and perform other duties pertaining

To his office. In the case of a tie, the president shall cast the deciding vote.

  • The president shall appoint an auditing committee to audit the treasurer’s report annually.

Vice-president- The duties of the vice president shall be the same as those of the President in the case of the absence or disability of the president.

Secretary/treasurer- The secretary. Treasurer shall conduct the correspondence of the club, notify the membership of meetings, keep an accurate record of all minutes, membership rosters, notify members of expiring memberships, issue sanctions for the WHBBSC, keep accurate sweepstakes tallies, and collect all dues.

The treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all incomes and expenditures, pay all claims as properly approved by the executive committee, submit financial report to the membership annually and to the Executive committee quarterly.

  • The secretary/treasurer may issue data and information of interestto Members, and assist members generally toward their success and Expansion of the beveren

(c) The secretary/treasurershallwhendirectedbythepresidentortheexecutive committee furnish bond in amount as called for, expense of same to be borne by theWHBBSC.

Board of Directors- The board of directors and officers shall constitute the executive Committee. This committee shall carry out the decisions of the club and transact all necessary business for the welfare of the club to include; authorizing special expenditure of monies and power to make contracts in name of WHBBSC.

NewsletterEditor–Shall be appointed by the president and will produce an electronic club newsletter to inform the membership of current happenings, sanctioned shows, and sweepstallies.

Compensation of Officers/Expenses

Section1. All expenses of the association shall be paid in full from the money first coming in, and in no case will expenses be permitted any member without approval of the executive committee.

Section 2. The secretary shall receive 25% commission on membership dues after the club has paid its bills and accumulated a $1000 balance.

Section 3. The presiding officer and the secretary/treasurer may each a one hundred-dollar ($100) stipend for attending the annual meeting, if the location is over 500 miles from their home after the balance of $500 is reached in the general fund.

Section 4. The Club income, after deduction of Secretary/ treasurer commission, shall be used as follows with the balance used in the general fund for operating procedures:

  1. Ten percent (10%) of open Show Sanction fees shall be used to financeOpen sanctions at the Annual
  2. Ten percent (10%) of the Youth Show Sanction fees tobe used to finance Youth sanctions at the Annual
  3. Twenty-five (25%) percent of sanction fees,OpenandYouthseparately,to be used for awards at the Annual
  4.  Fifteen percent (15%) of sanction fees,bothopenandyouthseparately,shall be used for premiums at the Annual.

Section 5. No commission will be allowed on any other funds without the approval of the membership.

Article IV-Membership

Section 1. Any person of good character and reputation may become a member upon payment of one year’s dues. The executive committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application for membership or renewal. Any legal action against the executive committee’s decision shall result in permanent expulsion from the WHBBSC.

Section 2. Membership in WHBBSC shall be acknowledged by a club membership card issued by the WHBBSC and signed by the secretary and shall date from the time of the acknowledgement, terminating one year later.

Section 3. All local, regional and state WHBBSC officers and directors shall be members with both the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the American Beveren Rabbit club.

Section 4. Application for membership shall be made to the secretary and be accompanied by a membership fee. If using an electronic form of payment applicant shall pay any fee associated with the method of payment.

Section 5. Charges of misconduct of a member shall be made in writing/ both hand or electronic, to the secretary; such charges shall be considered with the defense of the member by the executive committee who may by a 2/3 vote suspend or expel the member.

Section 7. Such charges shall be accompanied by a payment of $200, per member charged. Payment shall be made to the WHBBSC. If the charge/ charges are upheld the unused portion of the payment will be refunded, minus a $25 per member named in the charge/ charges surcharge. If charges are beyond the deposit, those charges will be borne by the person making the charge.

Article V- Amendments

Section 1. Amendments to this constitution may be made by submitting a proposed resolution in writing, signed by 3 or more voting members in good standing, to the secretary treasurer, prior to February 1st, for consideration that calendar year. The notification shall be made in the newsletter to the membership.

Section 2. All signatures for each resolution must appear on the same paper with the proposed resolution. Multiple sheets may be used, but the resolution must appear with each resolution.

Section 3. Email signatures will be accepted if that email address is on file at the office of the secretary/ treasurer as belonging to the member who is signing. The resolution being signed by email must appear on that same email. Only one resolution may appear per email.

Section 4. The secretary/treasurer shall submit the proposed resolution to the Resolution committee for their opinion of the legality of such proposal. Should the committee find legal constraint in the proposal, it shall be returned to the imitator, with proposed legal change from the committee, in timely manner to be included in the ballot. The Committee may not refuse any proper proposal by the membership.

Section 5. The secretary/treasurer shall include the approved proposal on the annual ballot. Comments from the proposer for his/her reasoning will be allowed on the ballot.

Section 6. All resolution shall be confined to one subject.

Section 7. A two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the ballots cast shall be required for passage of any proposed change.